Burke Calibration rents tools of all types your unique job. We pride ourselves on accurate, repeatable, and traceable, calibrated rentals, ensure you can test once with confidence. We have the largest rental fleet in Grande Prairie to service your hydro testing, production testing and instrumentation needs.

All of our pressure, electrical, temperature and torque calibration certificates are traceable to the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

Accurate · Repeatable · Traceable

Virtually our entire inventory is available for rent including Torque, Pressure, Electrical, Dimensional, Humidity, Temperature, Flow, and Air Velocity equipment.



  • Flange spreaders
  • Barton pressure recorders
  • Deadweight
  • Pressure pilots
  • Liquid and gas turbines
  • Roots meter


  • Electronic pressure and temperature recorders
  • Pressure and temperature chart recorders
  • Deadweight
  • Test manifolds
  • Hand pump
  • Air driven pump
  • High volume hoses
  • Chart recorder stands


  • Dry-block
  • Hart 475
  • Deadweight
  • IS33 calibrators
  • Fluke 724


  • Dura Mag Western-Canadian Distributor
  • Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter
  • No cables, no AC power, no hassle
  • ± 1% accuracy with only 2D upstream and 1D downstream required
  • Fusion-bonded epoxy coating eliminates risk of liner separation and water intrusion
  • Durable canopy and lid protects converter and display from weather and extreme temperatures
  • Internal datalogger with 5 years of data storage
  • 5 year battery life, 3 year battery warranty

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