Burke Calibration


Dura Mag

Western Canadian Distributor

Available for Rent or Supply

Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter

No cables, no AC power, no hassle

± 1% accuracy with only 2D upstream and 1D downstream required

Fusion-bonded epoxy coating eliminates risk of liner separation and water intrusion

Durable canopy and lid protects converter and display from weather and extreme temperatures

Internal datalogger with 5 years of data storage

5 year battery life, 3 year battery warranty

Meter Run

2″ – 10″ Daniel senior

Full repair kits

Turnaround kits

2″ – 10″ orifice plates

Seal rings – new and old style

Canalta/Nuflo parts

Hand Pump

0-10k hand pump in 10L(half) and 20L(full) cans

0-3k hand pump in 10L(half) and 20L(full) cans

0-1k hand pump in 10L(half) and 20L(full) cans


1″ – 6″

Threaded / wafer / EZ-in / Sur-Flo

Repair kits



Circuit boards


Pressure/temperature chart recorders

Digital gauges


Chemical pumps

Tong Torque Systems

6″ high visibility gauge

Abrasion resistant hydraulic line

Compression or line pull load cell